Midalidare Traminer 2016

0,750 l

Price: 15,00 BGN



Colour: Sparkling, medium intense yellow color with greenish hues.

Aroma: Fresh, delicate and elegant nose of rose, citrus and acacia.

Flavor: The wine has a good structure and freshness. You can distinguish rose and citrus.

Grapes are harvested in the early morning hours and collected in small boxes of 10-12 kg each. They are preserved in refrigerators for 24 hours at 7-12 degrees. After cooling the grapes are hand-sorted at a sorting conveyor to eliminate all poor-quality grapes. Then they are entered into a press and left there for a couple of hours to allow the aroma from the skin to soak into the grape juice. The juice is drained and tenderly pressed into stainless steel vessel with a capacity of 500 to 5000 liters. It stays in the tank for few days to clarify and is then decanted into a new, clean container and planted with yeast. A process of slow fermentation begins at low temperatures for around 15-20 days. After the fermentation the wine is left to cool for around 30-50 days together with the lees and undergoes batonnage (stirring) several times per week. The process is complete by separating the wine from the lees.This is followed by filtration and bottling.

Midalidare Estate wines are not treated (such treatment will affect the wine quality) and is possible in the process of its aging in the bottle to have small sedimentation - small white "crystals" in white wines and dye substance in the red wines.

Wine with a protected geographical indication, Thracian Valley.

Produced and bottled in Midalidare Estate EOOD, village of Mogilovo.

Alcohol 13,5 Vol %

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