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The present Terms and Condition set regulate the relations between MIDALIDARE ESTATE EOOD (hereinafter referred to as Shopmidalidare) and the customers of an electronic (online) shop located at the domain shop.midalidare.bg. It is recommended that you read the provisions of these Terms and Conditions before placing an order via our online shop. If you disagree with these Terms and Conditions, you should not order goods from this online shop.


By using the services of http://shop.midalidare.bg, you confirm that you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, it is considered that a sale and purchase contract has been concluded between Shopmidalidare and the customer with regard to the offered goods, produced by Midalidare Vineyards EOOD and Midalidare Estate EOOD. Shopmidalidare offers the customer the option to purchase the goods offered at the online shop by placing an order and paying the respective sale price. While completing the purchase, the customer is obliged to acknowledge and follow the present Terms and Conditions, and consider themselves bound by their provisions.


Midalidare Estate EOOD reserves the right to alter the prices, the information and the content of the Terms and Conditions, and to update them if necessary without advance notice. In case the Terms and Conditions are amended, the customer may declare that they do not agree with the amendments by sending an explicit statement to shop.midalidare.bg. After receipt of this explicit statement of disagreement, the sale and purchase contract is considered to be terminated. Amendments to the Terms and Conditions do not affect relations between the customer and Shopmidalidare that had arisen in relation to an order submitted legitimately before the amendments were introduced.


Outside the objectified explicit disagreement, when you place an order you agree with the Terms and Conditions of use applicable until new provisions are published, and afterwards – in accordance with the new Terms and Conditions of use.


The online shop shop.midalidare.bg has not been created with the purpose of encouraging alcohol consumption.


The sale of alcohol beverages and tobacco products to persons under the age of 18 is forbidden.


By placing an order at shop.midalidare.bg you declare that you are of legal age. If the product you have ordered is intended for another recipient, they should also be of legal age.



I. General terms



“MIDALIDARE ESTATE” EOOD is a commercial company entered in the Commercial register at the Registry Agency under UIC: 200922158, with registered seat and address of management in the village of Mogilovo, municipality Chirpan, Stara Zagora district, postal code 6239, offering items for sale at an online shop http://shop.midalidare.bg.


2. http://shop.midalidare.bg is a web site for online sale and purchasing of goods and services provided by MIDALIDARE ESTATE EOOD.


3. The “goods and services provided by MIDALIDARE ESTATE EOOD” include:

- wine and spirits (alcohol beverages) as defined by the Law on Wine and Spirits;

- vouchers for training sessions, events, tastings and shopping;

- accessories and packaging.


Any of the listed items is described with its primary features and sale price.


4. The “customer” is a natural person who has placed an order or registered a client account at http://shop.midalidare.bg, and has agreed to the present Terms and Conditions. By placing an order, the customer – natural person declares and confirms that they are at least 18 (eighteen) years old. MIDALIDARE ESTATE EOOD reserves the right to refuse service in case of doubts that the person is below 18 (eighteen) years of age.



II. Registering a user account


Registering an account at http://shop.midalidare.bg is NOT mandatory in order to use the web site, place orders or ask questions via the provided fill-in forms. In order to utilise the benefits of a user account on http://shop.midalidare.bg, however, you will have to register one first. With an account you will be able to place valid orders for purchasing the offered goods more easily, as well as have access to a number of conveniences such as saving delivery data, history of previous orders, their status and content, the option to change your account password, the option to subscribe or unsubscribe for the information bulletin of shop.midalidare.bg, leave comments on the site, use special discount offers, etc.


When you register, you have to provide the delivery address you intend to use, your first and last name, e-mail, phone number. You also need to choose a password. Following a successful registration, you will have the option to correct your delivery address and phone for every separate order, as well as to appoint a representative who could accept the delivery in your stead. By checking the box “I agree with the Terms and Conditions” the Client performs an electronic statement in the sense of the Electronic Document and Signature Act, through which they declare that they have read the Terms and Conditions and accept them.



III. Data protection and confidentiality


The company MIDALIDARE ESTATE EOOD is registered with the Commission for Personal Data Protection (CPDP) as an administrator of personal data.


The personal data received by shop.midalidare.bg during registration will be used for the sole purpose of providing service to the customers – accepting and fulfilling orders, providing information in the form of an information bulletin and communication with the customers in case of problems related to the order. Shop.midalidare.bg guarantees that the data in question will not be provided in any form to third persons or used for any purpose different from the aforementioned ones, except in the cases set forth in the active legislation.


A specific user's account may be deleted from the database of shop.midalidare.bg along with any data related to it at any time if the customer requests it.


Users subscribed to our information bulletin may unsubscribe at any time.



IV. Purchase orders


To order a purchase from among the good and services offered by shop.midalidare.bg, the user must provide the required information or register (by filling in the registration form).


The following information is provided by the user when ordering or registering: for natural persons – name, last name, phone, address, e-mail; for legal persons – firm name, name of person in charge, phone, address, e-mail. By entering any information on this website, you declare and guarantee that (1) you are at or above 18 (eighteen) years of age, (2) you use your real identity, (3) you have provided only true, accurate and complete information; (4) you will maintain and update in a timely manner the information that you have provided, in order to ensure it remains true, accurate and complete; (5) you agree with the Terms and Conditions of shop.midalidare.bg.


Process of ordering a purchase


When ordering a purchase, the User performs the following actions in order:


- selects the desired products, adding them to their cart by using the “Buy” button for the respective goods. When the user decides to proceed with the ordering of the selected items, they go into their “cart” (located in the upper left part of the website)


- in the “cart” the User determines the type and amount of the goods and confirms the order (by clicking the virtual button “Continue”);


- in order to continue, the User registers (if they are a new User) or enters their profile (if they are an existing User), by filling in information about name, last name, phone and delivery address, and then presses the “Continue” button.


- if they are an existing client, the delivery address and phone are displayed, with an option to change the data and the choice of payment method.


- the user confirms the filled in data with the button “Continue”


- the purchase order of goods from Shopmidalidare is considered complete after pressing the button “Confirm”


In case the provided address and phone number are incomplete or incorrect, the order is considered to be invalid and there shall be no obligation on the part of shop.midalidare.bg to fulfil it.


Accepting the order


The purchase order is accepted by Shopmidalidare by sending a message to the user's e-mail, with the following content: name, address of management, e-mail address and contact information of shop.midalidare.bg, as well as the text (an electronic link to the text) of the present Terms and Conditions, information about the main characteristics of the ordered goods, its sale price, transport costs that are not included in the goods' sale price but are related to the delivery, the payment method chosen by the User, the provided data for invoice and address of delivery.


The order generates action between the parties after confirmation of its validity through the phone provided by the User or by sending a message to the User's e-mail address.



V. Delivery


Delivery of goods ordered by 12:00 hours to the address indicated by the User within the territory of the city of Stara Zagora is conducted within the  two business day. If the total order value is above BGN 150, delivery is free of charge. For orders under BGN 150 in value, the delivery price is BGN 10. For delivery to all other locations within the country and beyond its borders, we utilise the services of the “Speedy” delivery company, with the delivery term being determined depending on the populated area.



The goods are delivered with appropriate packaging, depending on their type and the means of transport.


The goods are handed over to the User or a third person, who accepts it and confirms its receipt on behalf of the User by singing the documents accompanying the goods. In case the User cannot be found during the goods' delivery term at the indicated address, or there is no access and conditions for handing over the goods within this term, shop.midalidare.bg shall be released of the obligation to deliver the goods ordered for purchase.


The User may confirm their wish to receive the goods even after the delivery term has expired, if they could not be found at the indicated address, by covering all costs for the new delivery. In this case, respectively, a new delivery term starts running from the moment of the aforementioned confirmation.



VI. Prices and payment methods


All goods prices at the shop.midalidare.bg online shop are in Bulgarian levs (BGN), with VAT included.


The prices do not include delivery costs.


The delivery amount and the delivery costs are owed from the moment of ordering and payable along with the due amount due for the purchased goods.


The due amount for the ordered items and the delivery costs can be paid in one of the following ways:


1. Money ordering

2. Via credit or debit card: VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro, V PAY

3. PayPal


Successful authorisation of the transaction – you see a page with a detailed description of the products you have purchased, the end amount, the identification number of the bank transaction, through which the payment has been made.


The inflow of the amounts from the bank transactions towards the seller's account:


1. For payments performed via cards issued abroad – 2 business days from the date of transaction

2. For payments via cards issued in Bulgaria – 1 business day from the date of transaction


* In cash (money order) by the Customer or a third person on behalf of the Customer at the time of delivery, to our agent or our courier partner;


By accepting the present Terms and Conditions, the Customer, who is a customer in the sense Customer Protection Act (CPA), expresses consent in the sense of Art. 53, para. 1 of the CPA for providing advance payment for the goods.



VII. Product description


MIDALIDARE ESTATE EOOD provides their Customers with an accurate description of the primary characteristics of the offered goods.


Every product offered at http://shop.midalidare.bg by MIDALIDARE ESTATE EOOD has:


  • a unique number (item No.), which corresponds to only one product;
  • name (written the same way as on the product's label);
  • price in BGN (unit price or box price, when the product is a part of a single purchase of 6 or more items).


Shopmidalidare takes care to ensure that the information on http://shop.midalidare.bg is always up-to-date, but cannot guarantee its veracity or completeness.


Shopmidalidare will make every effort to ensure that access to the online shop is uninterrupted, fast, secure and error-free, yet cannot give any guarantees as much as this is beyond the scope of shop.midalidare.bg's capability, control and will.


Shop.midalidare.bg bears no responsibility for the inability to access http://shop.midalidare.bg, as well as for not processing, or processing in an untimely manner of purchase orders, in case there are circumstances beyond their control – incidents of insurmountable force, random events, problems in the global Internet or in the provision of services outside the control of Shopmidalidare.



VIII. Customer's rights


The end user (a natural person) has the right to return the goods purchased by them within 7 business days of the date of purchase, without owing any compensations or penalties, and without giving a rationale for the reclamation.


The Customer has the right to refuse to accept the item ordered by him, when:


- the delivered goods clearly do not match the ordered goods and this can be verified with a simple visual inspection;

- the goods were damaged during transport,


After receipt of the goods, the Customer has the right to request its return in case of a mismatch between the goods and what was agreed upon, which could not be established through a simple visual inspection.


In the cases described above, the Customer may request that the delivered goods be replaced with goods matching the submitted purchase order, by sending a written request to http://shop.midalidare.bg.


In accordance with the provisions of Art. 55 of the CPA, the Customer is obliged to preserve the received goods, their quality and safety, up to the moment of their return to Shopmidalidare. The returned goods must be within their original packaging, must not have been used, and its commercial appearance must not have been disrupted. (e.g. torn packaging, removed labels, missing parts, etc.) and it must be accompanied by all documents related to it – receipt and/or invoice, etc.


Transport costs for the returning of the goods from the Customer to Shopmidalidare are at the Customer's expense, and they have the right to choose whether they would bring the goods in person to the shop office or send it by courier. The shop's address is provided in the Contacts section.


If the goods received by the Customer do not match the characteristics described on the site of the online shop, the costs for returning the goods are covered by Shopmidalidare.


Shopmidalidare will make a full refund of the returned goods' cost paid by the Customer no later than 20 days from the date when the Customer exercised their right to reclamation per Art. 55 of the CPA.



IX. Delivery insurance


Shop.midalidare.bg insures at its own expense all sent deliveries, up to the value of their content.


It is the duty of the client (recipient) to open the delivered package at the time of receipt and in the presence of the courier, in order to check for damage or missing items from the content, which are due to transportation.


Reclamation of damaged goods is done in the moment of receiving the delivery and in the presence of a courier, with whom the client must fill in a protocol of findings in three identical copies. The protocol is mandatory for the validity of the damages and missing items covered by the insurance. The Client (recipient) must request the original and a copy of the protocol, and then contact a representative of Shopmidalidare in order to file the reclamation. Shop.midalidare.bg undertakes the free replacement of the damaged/missing item or refunding the amount paid by the customer, only after receiving the client's protocol.



X. Copyrights


The content of the website – information, data, services, text, resources and photographic materials that are the property of Midalidare Estate EOOD are copyrighted materials, protected by Bulgarian and international intellectual property laws. No part of the website can be reproduced under any form without the written consent of Midalidare Estate EOOD. The information and all news published on shop.midalidare.bg are provided for your personal information.


For any issues not arranged by the present Terms and Conditions, the provisions of the active legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria shall be applied.




The current Terms and Conditions are effective April 2014.

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