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Midalidare is more than just an estate. It is a dream came true. A dream built on the philosophy of synergy between men and nature. Hard work, endurance, respect and great passion are in the heart of Midalidare.

The Story

The year is 2003. A team of wine specialists have taken the challenge of linking the tradition with state of art in winemaking. The task was difficult, as well as the project name: Midalidare! Nevertheless, they succeeded. A name you cannot remember, a wine you cannot forget! 2009 was the first vintage for Midalidare Estate. The wines were presented on the market and soon attention was attracted, both in Bulgaria and abroad. Now, 10 years after the first vintage, Midalidare is recognized as one of the most respected Bulgarian wine producers. The small, young winery become beautiful estate and attractive destination for exciting wine tourism, preferable for relaxing holiday in the nature with all the benefits of balneotherapy and SPA procedures. The dam of Mogilovo is great for fishing and outing.

The Wineries

Midalidare Estate is situated at one of the famous wine regions in Bulgaria: Thracian Valley. The estate is set at the heart of the gently rolling hills of Sredna gora mountain, in Mogilovo village. Two wineries, one on the eastern and one on the western side of the village, are surrounded by 160 ha carefully grown vineyards. The smaller winery on the west was built in 2009. In 2011 second, eastern winery was built. Over the years both wineries were reorganized and expanded into a modern bases reaching a capacity of 400 000 bottles, 150 000 bottles and 250 000 bottles, respectively. New, third base is building on the territory of the eastern winery. The pearls of Midalidare are soon to have their own home – a Sparkling winery to shelter the whole process of traditional method sparkling winemaking.

The Vineyard management

Wine is born at the vineyard. The good production quality is a precondition for making a valuable wine which possesses a character and individuality. Vineyards care is therefore of highest importance for Midalidare. At present 160 hectares of vineyards are carefully managed in the estate. The hilly terrain gives the opportunity of planting a great diversity of wine varieties depending on their individual requirements which represents a main part of the corporative philosophy. A detailed study of the climate and soil composition of the land precedes the planting and cultivation of the vines. The varieties presented are the ones suitable for the given conditions and the terroir and whose development has been carefully monitored over the years, with the clear aim of learning all the intricacies and creating wines of exceptional character. The red varieties in Midalidare are presented by Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Malbec, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Mourvedre, Petit Verdot и Pinot Meunier. The whites are Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Traminer, Semillon и Viognier.

The Vineyards

Dabovets vineyard is the pride of Midalidare estate. Situated northeasterly over the east winery, the vineyard illuminates the view with his specific red clayey soils. After a long period and application of obligatory requirements and practices, in 2018 the vineyard estate is officially certified for a production of organic grapes.

Karaliets vineyard is situated in the east of the Mogilovo village territory, near the second winery of Midalidare. Its size is 60 hectares. The soils are average to low sandy and clayey and alluvial in the southern area.

Shipkata vineyard is situated in the east of Mogilovo, neighboring with Karaliets vineyard. Shipkata is the plot with the lowest altitude, situated in a 44 hectares flat area in the very heart of the valley.

Prisovete vineyard consists of numerous scattered plantations and bears the name in the area in which it is located. Each individual plot has a different exposure and soil content. The size of the hole terrain is 40 hectares.

The Company

Midalidare is a company devoted to its mission: to create the highest quality wines made in the best possible way in accordance with its resources and to what nature has to offer. Natural gifts are combined with dedicated work within the long process of creating incredible wines. Year after year, harvest after harvest, a reputation of high-quality wines is built. Quality products and customer satisfaction are vital for Midalidare. Major priorities for the company are to create the highest quality, unforgettable, estate grown wines, to satisfy every taste and to offer a unique portfolio. Midalidare does not only create wines, but passion and desire to transform unique natural’s gifts into a masterpiece! High standards require dedication and aspiration and values determine the appearance of the company.

The Wines

Modern expression of time-honored winemaking is what makes Midalidare wines unique. Wines of tradition and innovation, know-how and state of art technology. An elegant, noble wines with attractive character and exceptional style. What makes the wines of Midalidare remarkable is the big temperature amplitude in Mogilovo. This is a blessing which provides the optimal content of acidity and which represents a necessary condition for the unique style and exceptional ageing potential. The appellation of Midalidare wines is PGI Thracian Valley. Midalidare wines are estate grown and bottled.

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