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Welcome Summer, Welcome Midalidare Viognier 2016

Meet the first harvest of Midalidare Viognier!

Tasting notes: Intense, golden colour. Aroma of peach jam, sweet vanilla, cedar, smoke and ripe citrus fruits. On the palate predominate the peach, tobacco, cream and butter. The finish is long with light mint aftertaste.


Midalidare Viognier 2012

This story starts in the recent 2012 when the Viognier was a part of a program for examination of wines carried out jointly with French company for production of biological oenological materials. The first harvest 2012 consists of only two 225-litre barrels with the same parameters and treatment, but in each one of them the fermentation is carried with different type of yeasts. As a consequence, in order to avoid the mixing, the different types of yeasts were applied under exceptional control related to taking samples – sterilization before and after the opening of the barrels and carefully monitoring results. After finishing the fermentation, Midalidare was presented with full and detailed analysis of the wines from both barrels with a detailed description of each one of them.

The result was the following:

The wine in the first barrel was with much more high intensity of aromas, but had a week structure, whereas the wine in the second barrel was opposite – it was a one with a lower intensity of the aroma, but its structure and volume were much better. That is how was shown that both types of yeasts complement each other very well and that was the beginning of Midalidare Viognier.

From 2013 till now the wine is evolving. Of course, it is no longer a subject of the project of examination of wines from the French company for production of yeasts, but it is now included in the portfolio of Midalidare as a part of the limited range.

At present are produced maximum 4 barrels or approximately 900 bottles per year.

Midalidare Viognier always ferments in new French oak barrels from the region of  Troncais, France.

The wine аges from 6 to 9 months in the same barrel where the fermentation takes place. Then the wines from the different barrels are blended in various proportions. Bottling follows.

Midalidare wines are not processed and stabilized and during the bottle ageing possible that natural sediment could form.

Maturity: 5-7 years*

*based on recommendation of oenologists in Midalidare


Happy holidays,

The team of Midalidare


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