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Wine & Glass pairing: White wine glasses - Oaked Chardonnay glass

Wine & Glass pairing: Оaked Chardonnay Wine Glass




Midalidare recommends the Unoaked Chardonnay Wine Glass for the following wines PGI Thracian Lowlands, Mogilovo:


Midalidare Viognier, Calista Chardonnay


Explore the Unoaked Chardonnay glass for young Chardonnay wines


The Oaked Chardonnay glass, often called Montrachet, is perfect to reveal the intensity of full-bodied white wines, including the wine's multi-layered aromas. With a larger volume, the wide open-mouthed bowl enables the rich bouquet to develop its wonderfully diverse range of aromas, emphasizing the finesse while minimizing the risk of richer style white wines becoming over-concentrated.

Oaked Chardonnay Wine Glass

Montrachet glass is the right choice for white wines with complex notes, such as Montrachet, White Burgundy, Corton-Charlemagne, Meursault. Large bowl allows the heavy complexities to interact with sufficient air and open up. Large opening enables drinker to smell complex aromas and enables wine to flow from edges of tongue and either side of the palate to taste sour and acidic flavor spectrum.

Varieties and wines best served in Unoaked Chardonnay glass, including Bulgarian wines, are: Chardonnay (oaked), Viognier (oaked), Riesling Smaragd, Montrachet, Meursault, Riesling (Spätlese/late harvest dry), Morillon (oaked), Corton-Charlemagne, Burgundy (white), Pouilly-Fuisse.

At Midalidare we had chosen Riedel glasses, exclusively represented in Bulgaria by our valuable partner The Gourmet House.




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Note: Different brands wine glasses comes in different shapes and volumes

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