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Midalidare’s grape varieties: Merlot in a nutshell


  • Merlot is second-most planted grape in the entire world (Cabernet Sauvignon is number one),
  • Merlot is the most planted variety in Bordeaux, its homeplace,
  • It is believed that the first time the grape was used in making wine was in the late 1700s,
  • Merlot is named after local black bird (called merlau/merle) who liked eating the ripe grapes on the vine,
  • A grape born of the parent varieties Cabernet Franc and Magdeleine Noire des Charentes,
  • Petrus, one of the most highly coveted (and counterfeited) wines on this planet is made almost entirely of Merlot,
  • Merlot is a parent of the following new varieties: Carmine, Ederena, Evmolpia, Fertilia, Mamaia, Nigra and Rebo,
  • Merlot has spawned a color mutation that is used commercially, a pink-skinned variety known as Merlot Gris,
  • The variety known as Merlot Blanc is not a color mutation but rather an offspring variety of Merlot crossing with Folle Blanche,
  • Merlot is planted in nearly every wine-producing country in the world,



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