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New vintage of Winemaker’s Choice

The story of the Winemaker's Choice brand begins in 2013, when, after an exceptional harvest, Midalidare's oenologists decide to create something really special. For the first vintage Syrah grapes were chosen: one of the exceptionally well-developed variety in the winery. In 2015, the “winemaker’s choice  was Malbec, and in 2017 the brand expanded in whites with Winemaker's Choice Sauvignon Blanc Barrel Fermented. “Chosen” wines are produced in limited quantities and are an excellent choice for connoisseurs of terroir wines.

Winemaker's Choice Syrah

The choice of the oenologist for 2018 is… Syrah! The harvest is impressive, and the wine exceeds expectations with excellent varietal presence and elegance and style typical for Midalidare. Winemaker's Choice Syrah 2018 is made from grapes grown on Dabovets - the highest quality Midalidare vineyard, organically certified. Oak barrel fermentation precedes cold soak, and before maturing in French oak barrels for 12 month the wine it set on the lees for 20 days. Winemaker’s Choice Syrah 2018 is not processed prior bottling so it is possible that natural sediment could form during the bottle ageing.

Winemaker's Choice Syrah 2018 reveals a ruby-red color with purple hues. The intense and characteristic varietal aroma of ripe red and black fruits and pepper is complemented by hints of smoke and violets. The taste complements the aroma of the wine. In the mouth, the wine is juicy and rounded, spicy, with an excellent balance, dense body and soft tannins. A very long and spicy finish resembles of smoked meat and pepper.

Winemaker's Choice Syrah 2018 is now available on the market and at Midalidare e-shop.


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