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A fascinating story to tell

Just a mouthful starts a journey to a place that turns moments into memories. The destination is:

 … Midalidare Estate.

Прочетете статията на български

Each exciting journey is preceded by a fascinating story! The story of Midalidare estate is a story of relationships: a combination of effects with results even beyond imagination. For over 10 years even the wildest dreams have become a reality in the middle of the gorgeous Sarnena Sredna Gora mountain, in the lovely village of Mogilovo. For more than a decade, wines of own character have been created. Wines that are telling stories and filling moments with emotion.

An exciting journey

In 2010 the simple, carefully selected portfolio is presented on the market. Today’s portfolio includes over 30 wines and each of it is sharing a spark of Mogilovo; each of it is carrying the spirit of Midalidare. Whites, roses, reds, sparklings: all of them revealing unique style and character and all of them speaking on the language of the winery.

Yet, there is always more to say. There is always something new to create. There is a room for another adventure in Midalidare.

An exciting journey lies just round the corner. No luggage, just a glass of wine. The road is short, but the emotion is unforgettable. Are you ready, the location is coming soon?


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