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A unique terroir to explore - Eastern Dabovets

 No luggage, just a glass of wine. The road is short, the emotion unforgettable. The location is:

… Dabovets vineyard in the village of Mogilovo

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The term „terroir“ adds a romantic flavor to any wine story. But in fact, this enchanting whiff is not just a gift, and besides requiring hard work, it is constantly in motion. And it is this hard work that transforms nature’s gifts into a unique terroir and makes the wine "terroir wine".

Dabovets vineyard is Midalidare's pride. The vineyard is located in the area of the same name and is 15.4 hectares in size. Situated northeast above the smaller eastern winery, the vineyard illuminates the view with its specific red clayey soils. Red colour indicates variety of iron oxides. The iron oxides differ in colour and may change the shade of the soil according to their conditions. Compared to typical clayey soils, red soils have excellent drainage characteristics and are extremely suitable for the production of wine. The temperature amplitudes are great, but the altitude prevents vines from spring frosts. Being a highest vineyard at Midalidare, Dabovets benefits from more than 2800 hours of sunshine per year and more than 100 clear days per year. In 2018 the vineyard was is officially certified for a production of organic grapes.

42/25 Rose Label

Terroir of Dabovets vineyard is extremely suitable for Syrah, Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir and Mourvedre. Nevertheless, each terroir has its stars: varieties that not only adapt but seem to influence the natural gifts and with each subsequent vintage stand out with their development. Wines were created of these exceptional varieties. And just a mouthful of these wines takes you on an exciting journey and tells a story of the unique terroir.

Wondering which is the star of Dabovets vineyard? The answer is coming soon!


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