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A unique terroir to explore - Shipkata

No luggage, just a glass of wine. The road is short, the emotion unforgettable. The location is:

… Shipkata vineyard in the village of Mogilovo

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The term „terroir“ adds a romantic flavor to any wine story. But in fact, this enchanting whiff is not just a gift, and besides requiring hard work, it is constantly in motion. And it is this hard work that transforms nature’s gifts into a unique terroir and makes the wine "terroir wine".

Shipkata vineyard is located in the east of Mogilovo. This is the plot with the lowest altitude, situated in a 44 hectares area in the very heart of the valley.

The soils of Shipkata vineyard are of alluvial origin and are characterized by presence of clay and slime, with a high content of carbonates. These soils have the ability to retain water and make carbonates available to the plants. And the carbonates are responsible for the mineral notes of the wine.

The geographical position of Shipkata vineyard is unique among all the Midalidare plantation. The vineyard enjoys northern air currents from the wide valleys. The vines start growing always later than the same varieties in other plots.

The design of Shipkata vineyard was made with a view to the types of wine Midalidare envisages to produce: a good body with strong aroma.

Terroir of Shipkata vineyard is extremely suitable for Syrah, Petit Verdot, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Viognier. Nevertheless, each terroir has its stars: varieties that not only adapt but seem to influence the natural gifts and with each subsequent vintage stand out with their development. Wines were created of these exceptional varieties. And just a mouthful of these wines takes you on an exciting journey and tells a story of the unique terroir.

42/25 Label

Wondering which is the star of Shipkata vineyard? The answer is coming soon!


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