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Wine & Glass pairing: Guide to different types of wine glasses with stem

Wine & Glass pairing: Guide to different types of wine glasses with stem

Part 2: Different types of wine glasses


Previous material was about the anatomy of a wine glass with stem. With this article we will mark the common types of wine glasses available on the market.

Wine glasses with stem

Types of wine glasses are based on the type of wines: Red, White, Rose, Sparkling and Fortified/Dessert.

Red wine glasses with stemRed wine glass has a full, round bowl and large opening. Full bowl provides air contact for the complex aromas and flavors while opening enables the drinker to dip nose inside to detect the aroma. Larger bowl increases the oxidation rate, which smooths out the complex flavors. Red wine glasses range consists of Cabernet Sauvignon Glass, Syrah Glass, Bordeaux Glass, Pinot Noir Glass, Burgundy Wine Glass and Standard Red Wine Glass.

White wine glasses with stem

White wine glasses are slightly smaller bowl than red wine glass. The bowl is more u-shaped and upright than a red wine glass and the shape enhances and preserves aromas while also maintaining the wine’s cool temperature. White wine glasses range consists of Sauvignon Blanc Glass, Montrachet (Oaked Chardonnay) Glass, Chardonnay Wine Glass, Riesling Wine Glass and Standard White wine Glass.

Rose wine glasses with stem

Rose wines could be served in Standard White Wine Glass though it could benefit from using a Rose Wine Glass. The best rose wine glass depends on whether you are drinking a young or mature rose. The choice is between Flared Lip Rose Glass for young, crisp rose and Slight Taper Rose Glass for mature, full-bodied rose.  

Sparkling wine glasses with stem

Sparkling Wine and Champagne Glasses has upright, narrow bowl to preserve carbonation and flavor. The range consists of Flute Wine Glass, Tulip Wine Glass, Vintage Champagne Glass and Coupe Glass.

Dessert wine glasses with stem

Dessert Wine Glasses are usually smaller due to the high alcohol content and also direct wine to the back to the tip and back of the mouth to allow for adequate sweetness detection. The range consists of Port Wine Glass, Sherry Wine Glass and Dessert Wine Glass.

More materials on each wine glass to come as well as our advice on choosing the right glass for Midalidare wines.






Photos: The Gourmet House and Riedel

Note: Different brands wine glasses comes in different shapes and volumes

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