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Midalidare’s Grape Varieties: Mourvedre wines serving & storage

Midalidare’s Grape Varieties: Mourvedre

Part 4: Serving and storage


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The right type of glass for Mourvedre based Rose wines depends on the style. Off course, a regular White wine glass would be enough. Still, the Rose wine would benefit from choosing a different type of wine glass.

The right glass for young, fresh, and fruity wines such as Rose de Mourvedre by Midalidare is Flared Lip Rose Glass. The long stem ensures that heat from the hand will not warm the wine. Flared lip directs the wine first to tip of tongue where taste buds are most sensitive to sweetness.


The right glass for mature, complex, and spicy wines such as Rose de Mourvedre Single Barrel by Midalidare is Slight Taper Rose Glass. The shape emphasizes the wine's fresh fruitiness while tempering its high acidity and bringing out its characteristic aroma.

As all Rose wines, Mourvedre based Rose should be served chilled. The optimal serving temperature is 9-13°C.

Store your Mourvedre Rose at cool and dark place, at temperature 8-12°С.

For Mourvedre based red wines look for Syrah type wine glass. It is perfect for balancing the fruit pepper and spice aromas, and gripping tannins often found in Mourvedre red wines. Its accentuated egg-shaped bowl brings forward the soft fruit, earthy characteristics, and highlights a long savoury finish.

Since Mourvedre tends to reduction, the red wines would benefit from decanting.

Serve your Mourvedre Red at 19-21°C. Store it at cool and dark place, at temperature 12-15°С.

At Midalidare we had chosen Riedel glasses, exclusively represented in Bulgaria by our valuable partner The Gourmet House.







Photos: The Gourmet House and Riedel

Note: Different brands wine glasses comes in different shapes and volumes


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