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Sparkling wine guide – Food pairing


Sparkling wines and food are a fantastic pairing. Whether it is a French Champagne, an Italian Prosecco, a Spanish Cava or just Sparkling wine, there are remarkable food pairing options for various sparkling wines

According to category, there are some great food pairing:

  • Brut Sparkling Wine and Clams, Oysters, and Shellfish Dishes
  • Blanc de Noirs and Fried Food
  • Franciacorta and Creamy Ravioli
  • Extra Brut Champagne and Cheese Platters
  • Blanc and Roasted Chicken or Steak
  • Sweet Champagnes and Desserts

Champagne and Sparkling wines pairs well with variety of foods and dishes. In general, dry sparkling wines are best serve with fried foods – vegetables, seafood, chicken; lean meats – pork, lamb, veal; all types of seafood – fish, caviar, oyster; pasta, especially creamy one; soups, especially mushroom creamy soup. Almost any type of cheese is great match for sparkling wine, as well as fresh salads, pastry, pies, toasts, egg dishes, etc.

According to styles, there are also some excellent pairing suggestions. Midalidare Sparkling wines:  Midalidare Sparkling GoldMidalidare Sparkling BrutMidalidare Sparkling Blanc de Blancs, are made according to traditional sparkling winemaking and are excellent pair for suggested Champagne food pairing.

Sparkling wines come in many styles and Champagne is certainly the most popular of the lot. In general, most sparkling wine pairings can follow the suggestions for Champagne. These wines have the perfect balance of dryness, bubbles, and fruity cream to enrich any dining experience. 

  • Triple cream (Brie-style) cheese or sweet bread and mascarpone cheese
  • Buttercream sauce or even buttered popcorn
  • Shrimp and shellfish, smoked salmon, caviar, fried calamari, and oysters
  • Salami, veggies, stuffed mushrooms, egg dishes, foie gras
  • Fruit-based desserts such as tarts, crepes, and any buttered or honeyed dessert
  • Shortbread cookies are a really fun (and surprising) pairing combo because the acidity in Champagne cuts through the rich butter of the cookie.

Rose wines are one of the most versatile sparkling wines for food pairings. Contrary to a common misconception, rose wines are not sweet, and the majority have a perfectly dry palate that lends perfectly to sweeter food pairings. Brie and prosciutto are fantastic with a nice rosé and they're even better when combined.

  • Brie and prosciutto are fantastic with a nice rosé and they are even better when combined.
  • Smoked salmon is one of the best fish dishes for rosé wines.
  • Chocolate and raspberries, or (better yet) chocolate-covered berries.

Spanish Cava

Spain's bright, budget-friendly bubbly called Cava is a fantastic choice for savory pairings and light meals. You will find that a good Cava is a perfect wine to serve alongside tapas as well as sushi courses.

  • Manchego cheese, olives, and almonds
  • Potato chips (seriously)
  • Fried fish or smoked salmon
  • Prosciutto or Serrano ham

Moscato d'Asti has a great perfume and light body with an extraordinary array of fruits. These characteristics allow the Italian wine to pair perfectly with delicious desserts.

  • Toasted almonds
  • Cheesecake
  • Raspberries
  • Gingersnaps and lemon sugar cookies
  • Lemon meringue, fruit sorbet, and peach cobbler

Prosecco has a much drier profile though it does not lose the fruitiness and it often has notes of apple, pear, and apricot. This helps the wine pair with a great variety of main courses.

  • Almonds and antipasto
  • Asparagus
  • Asian fare and sushi
  • Smoked salmon
  • Shrimp cocktail and honey-themed meals




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