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Midalidare Sparkling Rose Extra Brut, 0.75 L

Midalidare Sparkling Rose Extra Brut

Following the principles and practices built over the centuries in already recognized wine regions the Midalidare Sparkling Wine project was launched. 10 years ago, after a profound terroir analysis and assessment, the first vines of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier was planted on the Prisovete and Dabovets vineyards. In accordance with the winemaking philosophy of Midalidare, a new winery is building. Agronomists Francesco Fogolin and Ivan Kolaksazov and оenologists Marco Zizioli, Nikolay Katerov and Alexander Aleksiev are part of the team that creates the sparkling wines. A sparkling wine made according to the traditional method of sparkling winemaking, with bottle fermentation, 25 months ageing on the lees and made with exceptional attention to detail.

Appellation and origin: Sparkling wine Rose from Bulgaria, blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier Extra Brut traditional sparkling winemaking, Thracian Lowlands, Mogilovo. Midalidare estate grown and bottled: vineyards Prisovete and Dabovets (Bio certified). The vines are planted on the north-facing slopes because of the limited sunlight exposure and better indices for a future production.

Grape variety: Blend of Chardonnay from Prisovete and Dabovets, Pinot Noir from Dabovets and Pinot Meunier from Dabovets.

Vintage: Non-vintage.

Volume: 750 ml.

Closure: Cork, Diam Cork (MYTIK DIAM).

Alcohol content: 12% vol.

Sweetness Scale: Extra Brut.

Residual sugar:  g/l.

Maturity: Mature; could benefit from further ageing. Keep 10 years and more. 

Packaging: Each bottle is individually packaged in a stylish cardboard box, 4 boxes per case.

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Midalidare Sparkling Rose Extra Brut

Midalidare Sparkling Rose

Tasting notes: Shiny, delicate light pink colour. The mousse is rich, ample, and prolonged. The refined bouquet is dominated by sweet raspberry, green apple, and citrus, with subtle notes of butter toast. Midalidare Sparkling Rose Extra Brut is fresh, tensed wine with good structure. On the palate crispy citrus take over. The finish is persistent  and elegant.  

Serving suggestionsMidalidare Sparkling Rose Extra Brut is excellent as an aperitif or served with a diversity of foods: fresh salads, sushi, soft cheese, or seafood; also great with greasy, fatty, fried, and spicy or sweet and savory dishes. Pair with spicy BBQ, chicken schnitzel, creamy mushroom risotto , mustard-roasted pork, poached egg with bacon. Serve at 7-9°С, in Tulip wine glass.

Storage: Cool and dark place, at temperature 5-8°С.

Midalidare Sparkling Rose Extra Brut

Midalidare Sparkling Rose Extra Brut is estate grown and bottled Bulgarian sparkling wine, sweetness scale Extra Brut, traditional sparkling winemaking with bottle fermentation and 25 months ageing on the lees, blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier with Protected Geographical Indication Thracian Lowlands.

Terroir: Prisovete & Dabovets vineyard

  • Organic certified vineyard (Dabovets),
  • Altitude 350-390 metres above sea level,
  • Hilly terrain with 10% slope,
  • Alluvial soils with presence of clay and slime, with a high content of carbonates (Prisovete),
  • Clayey soils with high presence of limestone (Dabovets),
  • Limited sunlight exposure,
  • Northern air currents from the wide valleys,
  • Mild winter, hot summer,
  • Optimal proportion of sunshine and rainfall,
  • Big temperature amplitude. 

Viticulture: Wine is made at the vineyard

  • Plants of French and Italian origin,
  • Average age of vines 8 years in vintage 2021,
  • Northern exposure,
  • East-West row orientation,
  • Single vertical shoot positioning (VSP or single guyot),
  • Density of vines 5000 per ha,
  • Controlled yield 9-10 tons per ha,
  • Single regulation of production - green pruning,
  • Controlled water balance.


Winemaking: Traditional sparkling winemaking

  • Harvest by hand in August,
  • Cooling,
  • Whole-cluster pressing,
  • Separating the fractions,
  • Stainless steel fermentation,
  • Secondary bottle fermentation,
  • Maturation (on the lees),
  • Remuage (ridding),
  • Degorgement (disgorgement),
  • Dosage,
  • Poignettage (shaking) and mirage (inspection),
  • Bottle ageing.
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